Sunday, July 3, 2011

one sunday

sasha by mikael jansson for vogue paris november 2010

if only every sunday were as perfect as this one.
for me, sundays usually mean waking up early for work (boo), maybe going to a sunday market - usually camberwell market for any melburnians out there. then lunch, though i'm one of those people who love to have breakfast for every meal, i could have bircher muesli for the rest of my life!
as an arts student i don't really have a whole lot of work to do study-wise, but when i do i always work best in the fresh air, and i love taking a walk to the park near my house and sitting under/in a tree to do it. either that or i take a sketch book and a pen/pencil. that's my lazy sunday half over! it gets even more uneventful after that :)
and that's a little insight into the life of an average 18, soon to be 19-year-old girl from melbourne. i'd love to hear about your sundays!

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